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If you are planning to choose a hosting plan but confused with the many critical concerns popping up in your mind, here is a comprehensive FAQ section for you to learn about the different hosting plans and the features involved from domain selection to hosting plans. At Vox Hosting, we guarantee to deliver you with the best of hosting plans. To learn about the many aspects of our hosting plans, delve down.


The services required to make a website to go live on the internet.
Shared Hosting enables various websites to use a single server. The customers connected to the server are able to avail limited resources. There are a limited amount of server resources to use as per defined by the individual hosting package. It is ideal for creating online portfolios, blogging and E-Stores. The hosting provider monitors and maintains all of the services available for you in a shared hosting plan.
For new users who are looking to build a site and expect comparatively low traffic, its best to go for a shared hosting plan. The package that can suit your requirements is our Plus Package that includes 7.99* per month with unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space. It is incredibly economical and efficient for your newly established business. It will let you create blogs with full speed loading time.
In this case, you have to increase the Bandwidth to make it perform well. By increasing the Bandwidth, you can easily stabilize the speed and performance.
A machine provided to the user for the desired usage is called Virtual Private Server. It has its copy of OS and through the provider's website; the users get the credentials to access the machine.
Vox Hosting provides a completely hassle-free procedure to build a responsive site. We have a panel of experienced developers who can assist you in the development procedure, guiding you in every step.
It depends upon the hosting plan you select. Our basic package offers one website to run using a single account while the plus package allows 10 websites.
We secure certain areas of your site through a password. You can create your own password and usernames as well.
In cloud hosting, the site is hosted on a virtual partition, using resources from the cloud. Moreover, it enables a number of machines to act as a single server.
It enables freedom to modify, best cost ratio, along with easy and efficient features. It is economical too.
In dedicated hosting, you get a completely independent server to host your site.
It is highly secured hosting as no server is shared. It offers a unique IP address and no overhead expenses.

Web Security Services

The security to protect your credentials, site's accessibility and its information.
With web security service, you can secure your authorization and authentication of the site. It helps you create a security barrier called firewall on the internet. That secret the information between the network and the internet. The firewall will protect the private network, internal information too.
The secured connection that is formed between the client and its customer is called SSL. It is established through an encryption. The connection is used to safely transfer information related to bank account number, user information and other credentials.
It keeps the data safe from Trojans and virus hackers, which helps to make every activity including transaction and login attempts performed while passing through SSL connections.

Reseller Hosting

An option to rent your bandwidth to other users.
The owner of the server has the option to sell the bandwidth to another user to gain profit. In this way, a single server is shared among many users offering limited resources to each one of them.
You can create your own packages and sell them to your customers. The accounts you create are discrete and you can offer a webmaster too to let them manage activities easily.
No, you alone are the source of contact. You can contact us in case of an issue.
You can have up to 2 IPs with our Reseller Level 1 and with level 2 you can get 4 IPs.
You have to order the SSL certificate and get it installed on your server.


The name of the address to help users navigate to your site.
The web address to your site is called a domain name. You have to buy a domain to create an identity of your site and to offer users a name to navigate to on the internet.
The domain name is the most important and the first thing to get for creating a site. Once you enter our domain page, we will list down the available domain names as per your industry.
Our professional customer-care experts are here to assist you with your every query. We offer round the clock service to clear the confusions of our valued customers.
It's important to renew your account. In case you forget then anybody can intervene and change the credentials to your site making your website his or hers.
It locks malicious and accidental domain transfer publishes the online business card so that your customers can find you along with keeping personal details hidden.
It's imperative to add privacy protection to your domain. We offer the following protection policies:
Substitution of your details with our partner company's domain using a proxy. Nobody can access your address, name, phone number or email. Be carefree as we are here to work on keeping your things secure. You get full control over your IP address and domain.
The duration involved in the process of domain transferring varies as per the TLD of your domain and the amount of time your current registrar takes to complete the process. It may end up within 30 minutes or can take up to eight days. To learn about the procedure read the details below:
You need to verify whether your domain is eligible or not
Before you go for transferring it, you must know whether it meets the requirements or not. The standard requirements for the domain include all gTLDs for instance: ORG, .COM/.Net, and new gTLDs including. BID/.TRADE/.TECH/.CLUB. etc. Your domain must have been transferred at least 60 days ago.
It must be unlocked at your current registrar and it must show a genuine admin email address.
Order the Transfer
Once you know that your domain fulfils every requirement, you can proceed with the transfer process. You have to purchase the transfer at Vox Hosting. The process is simple, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Create an account at Vox Hosting and head towards the "transfer" page.
  • In the search bar enter your domain and click "Transfer"
  • Verify the option to indicate that your domain is ready to transfer and look into the boxes present next to the corresponding fields.
  • Enter the Auth/EPP code
  • Add transfer to the cart and proceed to checkout. Use a reliable card to enter the details for the payment.
In the last step, you have to hit approve via email.


The DNS (Domain Name System) is the phonebook of the Internet
DNS, which stands for domain name system, acts as a center part to match the number with names. It includes the name of the site, IP Address and web address.
It offers fast performance, easy-to-use panel for beginners, budget friendliness and reduces errors.
It has the option to upgrade guarantee, reliable and fast performance, built-in error checking tool and it offers managing ultimate domain efficiently.
Yes! It works great as a backup to your hosting provider's DNS or to your own DNS.
No, it's not possible to transfer during domain transfer.

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